We specialize in conducting onsite NFPA 1582 Compliant Medical Exams

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Our history with NFPA 1582, originated when Division Chief, Tamara (Tammy) Lopes introduced us to NFPA 1582 medical examinations over 11 years ago.

NFPA 1582

NFPA 1582 Standard on Occupational Medical Programs for Fire Departments, provides a comprehensive roadmap for fire departments to assess firefighter readiness to perform essential job functions, while Chapter 8 focuses on strength and aerobic readiness for full-duty status.


1582 is developing the First Smart Health History Form to coach Medical Providers what NFPA 1582 states about Medical Conditions and the Essential Job Duties. Should be out by the end of year.

Efficiency is Realized When Our Mobile Clinic Arrives at Your Fire Department

Our Medical Team will coordinate and conduct onsite NFPA 1582 Compliant Medical Exams using our fleet of Mobile Medical Clinics or if you prefer, we can set up our testing equipment inside your desired facility. Your Firefighters will no longer have to make multiple time consuming trips to complete their annual medical examination.

When you choose 1582, your Department will minimize Firefighter downtime, experience a reduction in overtime, and maximize convenience. Most importantly, you’re dealing with a group of medical professionals that truly understand the Fire Service and the Medical Concerns associated with your Industrial Athletes.

Our Mobile Medical Clinics provide
On-Site testing including: